R.I.P. mixes traditional resistance, cardio and body weight exercises using interval and strength training methods. Workouts vary each week to keep you guessing and on your toes!

What is R.I.P.?
R – Resistance: I – Intervals: P – Power
What we WILL be doing at R.I.P.:

  • Getting results!
  • Using safe and effective exercises
  • Body weight, Resistance and Interval training drills
  • Training with like-minded people
  • Helping you do your best!
  • Team fitness activities
  • A different session every time
  • Getting a little SWEATY!


What we WON’T be doing at R.I.P.:

  • Burpees!
  • Anything that’s not achievable for everyone
  • Repeating the same workouts
  • Shouting at you!

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 8, so please call or SMS 0477 505 531 to book now!