In August 2015 I had my first session with Jo from Real Girls Sweat. It was my very first fitness test I couldn’t run 500 meters, I planked on my knees for 30 seconds, did 12 very bad push ups on my knees and did a squat hold for 45 seconds. In that first session I pushed myself hard to get those results….Tara1

My latest fitness test was 12 weeks ago I ran a kilometre in under 6 minutes, I planked for 2 minutes 30 seconds, I did 17 fairly decent push ups on my toes and did a squat hold for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. My next fitness test is next week and I have no doubt I’ll improve these stats yet again. My total weight loss over the last 12 months is 16.5kgs.

I still have a long way to go to reach my desired fitness level and my goal weight but I have no doubt that I’ll get there. The reason for this confidence is the support and encouragement I get from Jo. She pushes me to improve my fitness level and offers practical advice about nutrition and life in general. Tara2

Jo couldn’t be more helpful and considerate. Never once has she made me or anyone else do a burpee and if I have doubts about doing an exercise she’ll either work with me so I can do it.

Jo is genuinely excited when I reach a goal, nail a new exercise or do something really cool like carry a slab and two ten packs at once ? !

All in all, the last twelve months working with Jo have been hard but fun. I am so grateful for the help and support she has given me to reach my goals and change my habits to improve my lifestyle. ~ Tara J.

Help and support to reach goals & improve lifestyle

Before I started classes with Jo, I was scared that the sessions would be fast paced & regimented, however the class environment is welcoming & I feel accepted, comfortable & catered for in each session.

I specifically like the friendly, fun atmosphere & genuine manner in which Jo considers individual needs.

I highly recommend Jo’s classes. They are structured to cater for individual needs & modified to suit special requirements. I have gained more energy, better health & observed others achieve the same goals. The supportive atmosphere & like minded company makes for fun filled enjoyable sessions.

Chrissy F.